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Also, batarians with depth. <3
Heck having Batarians in Mass Effect 1 at all is a plus.

I have a question about Mass Effect 3 exactly what do I need to get the final renegade/paragon conversation options for the final talk with the Illusive Man In the Citadel control room thingy?

Because I don't think its a higher EMS score because I had enough to get all 3 final choices and the Shepard breath scene at the end.
I think you need a high enough paragon/renegade score. A single playthrough isn't enough, you have to import an ME2 or ME3 character (or hack the savegame). Even with an ME2 import, you will only be able to get one of the options. The only playthrough I could get both options was a ME3 import of a ME2 import. You might also have had to pick paragon/renegade responses in each of the 3 other times you talk to illusive man.
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