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Re: Star Trek: Our Sacred Honor--A Tale Of Captain Ezri Dax

Wrapping up for the week...a lead-in to next week....

Star Trek: Aventine
Our Sacred Honor
Chapter 22

This is an FNS Special Report:

“Greetings, everyone—once again, I’m Verna Talkon. In a few minutes, we’ll go straight to the Federation Council chamber of the Palais, where final statements are expected to be made. Here with the latest, reporting from the press balcony of the chamber, is our man on the field, Jake Sisko. Well, Jake, what do you have for us, so far?”

“Well, Verna, I’ve spoken to various members of the Council. Very few have been willing to state where their leanings are in this case—the exception being Councilman Bera chim Gleer, or Tellar, who expressly stated his intentions to speak on the floor. T’Latrek has stated that she does not intend to speak—she feels that, quote, ‘The facts, I feel, have been satisfactorily established, here. They are as they are, and no rhetoric can change them,’ unquote. As far as we can tell, only Councilman Gleer is established as speaking on the Council’s end.

“However, Captain Ezri Dax has also expressed her desire to speak—it is believed it will be after the councilman’s statement. Jake Sisko, FNS News, Paris.”

“Thank you, Jake. Do you feel these statements will affect the final votes in any way?”

“Well, Verna, it’s hard to tell at this point—all I can predict is that it will establish the ‘battle lines’ for either side of the issue. With Councilman Gleer’s hardline stances against the captain’s behavior, it’s doubtful whether they can establish any middle of the road.”

“And—now, we can see the members of the Council all taking their seats, and the audience with them. And…there is Captain Ezri Dax, taking the stand, beside the president’s podium. Jake, what do you make of the captain’s accusation towards Councilman Gleer, of having an agenda to humiliate the president through this incident?”

“Well, Verna, it would seem the Councilman gave her that material to work with, with his questioning following the captain’s report. Regardless, it is uncertain whether either one will bring that up, in their statements.”

“Thank you, Jake. And…here comes President Bacco, taking the podium. FNS is covering these proceedings live, for your convenience—and…the president is calling all to order. We’ll be back after the final statements. Once again, FNS would like to thank our viewers and listeners for making this one of the highest-rated days in our operating history. This…is FNS News….

* * *
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