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Re: The Legend of Korra - Book One: Air

Okay, I've been watching the "Making of a Legend" thing on NickToons -- running through the episodes every evening at 9 Eastern with extra introductory bits by Konietzko and DiMartino -- and they're now halfway through Book 1, so I was expecting they'd finish out the second half next Monday through Friday. Yet there are no further episodes showing up on either my cable's schedule guide or Zap2It. What gives? Why would they only show half the series? I saw a post on Korra Nation confirming that the creators recorded 36 act intros, which works out to 12 episodes, the whole Book 1. So when are they going to show the other half, and why stop now?

I'm also annoyed because I set the DVR to record the first few episodes (since I had other things to watch on those nights) and didn't set it to record a few extra minutes just in case. I expected the added material would increase the running time, but I assumed that would be taken into account in the data sent to the cable box. Yet it turned out it wasn't, so I missed the endings of episodes 2 & 3. Of course I've seen them several times already, but it was still annoying not to get to see them again.
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