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Re: General Music Thread

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^ I have all of Iron Maiden's albums on CD, and several on vinyl, and a few Rob/White Zombie records, other than that I have nothing on your list.

Which would you recommend to a Trad Metal fan? I also like some thrash & groove metal, love Anthrax, Sepultura, Pantera.
TBH, I was once only a trad. metal fan. Maiden, Priest, Metallica, Megadeth and a few others. And classic/hard rock was always my main thing.

I also have all the Maiden CDs. The 2-disc 1995 releases that have all the B-side releases included.

But since I heard Nightwish & Kamelot on Sirius Hard Attack around 2005-2006, it's been all symph metal all the time. I also heard Lacuna Coil there for the first time.

I still listen to the occasional "other" stuff, since I do own a lot of CDs and I still buy the occasional "other" CD, like the new VH, the Doobie Brothers from a couple years ago. I'm waiting on the new KISS CD.

I would recommend anything in my original lists, at least to sample on youtube.

Seduce The Heaven, a Greek metal band, has a few different things going on in just their first release. I'm waiting for their first CD to hit.

This is a good example of Moonspell's work. Brutal vocals and great musicianship. Though they change it up occasionally.

I also like prog metal like Dream Theater & Circus Maximus.
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