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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Gahh, I just accidentally deleted my whole write up for the Ultimate panel twice. I don't really feel like writing everything a third time, so here's the link. It's the fourth one down. Sorry.
There's some big new about the Divided We Fall storyline, including the return of Cap, and a new role for Kitty Pryde. They say that the new big three characters for the Ultimate Universe will be Cap, Kitty, and Miles Morales.
EDIT: Cup o' Joe panel #5.
*Joe Queseda, Axel Alonso, CB Cebulski, and Jeph Loeb.
*Marvel NOW! is not a reboot, they're just pairing up creators and saying go. It will build off of the past 10 years of continuity.
*If you hold up a device with the new AR app to the cover of each Marvel NOW! issue, it will give you a recap of everything you need to know.
*Marvel NOW! Point One will feature stories by Bendis, Fraction, Loeb, Spencer, Hopeless, McNiven, Allred, McKelvie, Larrocca and one more name the blogger can't see.
*Loeb just dropped the clue "Diamondhead".
*A+X will be the opposite of AvX. It will be done by Jeph Loeb, Dan Slott, Dale Keown and someone else the blogger can't see. (Ok, he needs to find a better seat or something).
*AvX Consequences will be 5 issue miniseries written by Kieon Gillen and coming out weekly in October. It will deal with the end of AvX, and set up the future of the Marvel U.
*A-Babies vs X-Babies written by Scottie Young and drawn by Guru FX will be released in October. It's being done in response to the popularity of Young's baby AvX variant.
*Q&A and some links
*Someone asks about Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver in films, but they won't talk about films here.
*What about in print: Scarlet Witch will be in Uncanny Avengers.
*The AR app will translate some of Illiana's Russian dialouge in an AvX issue.
*They call All New X-Men "Days of Future Now". It'll see the original X-Men dealing with who they've become.
*Avengers EMH and Assemble.
*They're not ignoring EMH. Assemble will be more like the film, and will be "next generation in the Avengers cartoon evolution".
*They compare it to New Avengers, and say they are building to a concluision in EMH they knew was coming. It'll end at 52 episodes.
*Question about Cyclops dying.
*Axel: "Whether he lives or dies, he will always cast a big shadow in the X-Men's world."
*Question about AR in old comics: Not right now.
*Question about kids getting into comics: They have comics set in the Universe of USM and A:EMH. Dan Slott, Chris Yost, Ty Templeton and more have done them.
*Question about Hulk: There will be "a very new dynamic between the Hulk and Banner".
*There will be humor in Hulk.
*Question about events: They know roughly what will happen for the next three years. They plan the details as they get closer.
*" Fan giving CB's LONERS some love and asking waht's up with Red Ronin and who Hollow was--haven't revealed Hollow's id yet, but Red Ronin is still out there. Arune says that December will be a big month for the teen heroes in the Marvel U."
*Question about cosmic heroes:The future of the cosmic heroes is very, very bright.
*Question about more Ultimate/616 crossovers: The path from one universe to the other will still be there after Spider-Men.
*X-Force and Deadpool will be part of Marvel NOW! but they but they won't talk about changes to them.
*Avengers Assemble is canon, and you will have to wait to see what happened to Richard Ridder.
*Ben Reilly is not coming back.
*There are not plans to bring British Marvel comics characters into the main Marvel Universe at this time.
*More Nova in Marvel NOW!
*No plans intercompany crossovers.
*"Fan requesting collected editions of Christopher Priest's Black Panther--Joe Q can't speak to the trades department, but he'll relay the message to David Gabriel, who heads up that group."
*There will be more prominent female heroes besides Captain Marvel in Marvel NOW!
*"Fan asking Axel about the Phoenix force--Cyclops thinks it's all about rebirth, but the fan hasn't seen Phoenix do anything positive ever. Axel says Scott's logic is a bit crazy, but he's put a lot of faith in his girl. At the end of Messiah Complex, on a hunch, he sent Hope into the future to save her. And after she retuned to the present, five new mutants popped up. He has faith in Hope, but it's not as if it's based on nothing."
They're finishing up the day with The All-Winners Squad, which seems to be a joke panel with people dressed up as Unicorn, Squirrel Girl, and Hypno Hustler, and hosted by Morgan Spurlock.
They'll be putting up a AWS video on the Marvel site soon, and Hot Topic will have AWS merch (I think this was serious, I'm not sure). The team worked are Marvel interns, and it's other members are Ruby Thursday, Walrus, Frog Man, Howard the Duck, Doop Batroc, Big Wheel, Bommerang, Demolition Man, Devil Dinosaur, Doop, Ego the Living Planet, Hellcow, Hit-Monkey, Man Bull, Mister Fish, Phone Ranger, Rocket Racer and Stilt Man.Their boss is Past Pot Pete. There will be a video featuring the team up on Marvel Live this weekend, and next week.
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