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Poncho Anderson
Re: TP: Raise the Dawn by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Just weighing in on the novel...I thought it was a fabulous read. I rate it in the top 5 of post Destiny novels (the David Mack trilogy and Kirsten Beyer's Full Circle book re-relaunching Voyager being the only novels I've enjoyed more).

Loving Captain Ro though I can't say I'd really gotten used to having Kira in command. I'm hopeful we'll see a future novel that fills in the missing gap that occurred when DS9 was warped into the current continuity. Perhaps Christopher, Kirsten or DRGIII could be persuaded to write this book? I'd be first in line to purchase it.

I'm particularly found of Ro's new crew. Can't wait to get more interaction amongst them in future stories. My only regret was the absence of old friends (Captain Dax, Sam Bowers and Shar), as I consider them part of the DS9 mythos through and through. I take solace in knowing both Dax and Bowers will be in the upcoming Typhon Pact novel coming in a few months.

In closing, I'd recommend this novel to anyone who's a Star Trek fan. It was totally awesome!
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