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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

They finished the Concept to Page panel, which featured Buccellatto, Manipul, and their editors discussing the Flash, at 11:00, but it didn't really seem to have any big news. It still seemed interesting though, with lots of insight how they go about writting any issue, with the main focus seeming to be on #12. They showed off some script pages, and sketches.
EDIT: Ooops, turns out I missed the Superman Panel
*Superman:Earth One Vol 2. will start with a very proud Clark and introduce Parasite.
*Superman will voice important issues in #13.
*Superboy #0 will deal with the history of Krypton.
*Superboy #13 will test his limits, and he might not come out on top in all of his fight.
*"Action Comics #13 will see some familiar villains that have been connected from the beginning."
*Supergirl #0 will deal with her relationship with her parents. #13 will show her looking back on Krypton, and will introduce a villain with mental and physical powers.
EDIT 2: Justice League and Green Lantern.
*Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, James Robinson, Nicola Scott, Tony Bedard, Francis Manapul, and Brian Buccellato are all there.
*In Justice League #12 there will be changes, including some members quitting.
* In JL #0 Billy Batson will meet the wizard, but won't believe him when he tells him about magic.
*#13 will introduce The Cheetah, and will lay the seeds for The Trinity War and other changes.
*Green Lantern #0 will introduce the new character, and deal with The Guardians and the Third Army.
*Green Lantern Corps #0 will focus on Guy, and set up future stories.
*New Guardians #0 will see Kyle trying to master the whole emotional spectrum. He may play a big part in the Third Army story.
*Bedard compares it to a movie with a hero learning different fighting styles.
*The Flash #0 will explore Barry's journey to who his is now.
*There will be lots of Gorillas in #13.
*Earth 2 #0 will be an adventure of The Trinity.
*We will see characters react in different ways.
*Justice League Dark #0 will see a young John Constantine fall in love with Zatanna and deal with other issues while in America for the first time.
*There's more of a mystical sense to Earth 2. The next arc will see the heroes go up against the government.
*There are a lot of stories to be told about Kyle's past before he became a GL.
* It was important to explore who Billy is before he became Shazam. Once he joins the Justice League we'll see just how different he is from the rest of the team.
The New 52 panel.
*To many panel members to list them all.
*The story of Batgirl #0 is a transformation story about Babara becoming Batgirl, and it will surprise people.
*Batman #0 will show Gotham in a "completely different way", as we see how Bruce set up shop. It will present a new perspective on the mythology.
*Talon #0 was conceived by James Tynion IV and will "tell a story across the DC Universe.
*Swamp Thing #0 will be "nightmarish and gross", and will show how died and came back as Swamp Thing. The story will payoff in Rotworld.
* Some stuff about Hawkman, Deathstroke, and Grifter. Is anyone here reading those?
*Firestorm stuff. Anyone reading that?
*Superboy #0 will deal with the cloning process that created him, and why Supergirl reacted to him the way she did.
OOPS, not done yet.
*Lobdell says Superman #0 is the story of a Superman's parents facing the end of the world.
*Teen Titans stuff. Does anyone care?
*All Star Western #0 will be Jonah's origin, and include story element beginnings and endings.
*Suicide Squad. Any interest?
*Year one of Justice League was about who the team is, Year two will be about who they should be. Members will leave, and new people will join. #12 will end one and start the other.
*Aquaman #0 will show him being exposed as the man from Atlantis, and then searching for his Atlantis and his mother over the course of a year.
*Beginning in January Justice League will deal with Martian Manhunter's time on the team and how it went bad.
*"Cyborg and Shazam will be "buddies" when he joins the team, acting a little irresponsibly being the two youngest members of the team. It's also interesting also since it's a pairing of magic and technology."
*There will be more returning characters joining The 52.
*Batgirl #13 will feature a story about Batgirl and Oracle. Simone is really excited about her part of Death of the Family, which shows what Joker has planned for her.
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