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Re: General Music Thread

Round my old schoolmates, I was known as the kid who loves Rush, and while that's still very true, I have made a BIG effort to not just like but get into a lot of other music in recent years. So while Rush, Marillion, and a host of proggy bands are still favs, I have expanded my tastes considerably.

It helps that my 15 year old daughter and I share the same kind of ear for music.. So we're constantly bouncing new bands off each other..

My current standard rotation usually includes (but is not limited to) these bands.... I'd link them to youtube, but today, my office firewall decided to block it..

Walk the Moon
Panic! at the Disco
The Sounds
Within Temptation
VnV Nation
Steam Powered Giraffe (seriously!!)
Keane (their new CD is the best one yet.. SO good!!)
Modest Mouse

Just to name a few...
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