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Re: Batman - The 1940s Serials

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Hmm... Now could the '40's Batmobile have a tracking system similar to Bond's in Goldfinger?
Define "tracking system." Do you mean something detecting a radio signal from a bug or tracking device placed on another vehicle? The ability to receive and track a radio signal would've been around in the '40s, certainly; I'd say the tricky part would be making the homing beacon itself. This was before transistors, so you couldn't really miniaturize a radio transmitter. Unless you could hide a big clunky assemblage of vacuum tubes in the bad guys' trunk without them noticing, it might not be viable.

On the other hand, given the era's general recklessness with regard to radioactivity, you could do something like spraying a car with a radium mist and tracking it via Geiger counter.

How about tire shredders? Possibly dumping oil slicks and/or spikes out back when being pursued?
Those seem simple enough. They don't require any electronics, just levers or hydraulics to deploy them. Heck, they had wheel shredders in Ben-Hur, and caltrops were used against horses and footsoldiers long before car tires were invented.

Didn't the '66 car have a chain cutter? Then again with a reinforced "bat" plate on the front end the car could just ram its way through chains and other obstacles...short of actually needing a tank.
There was a Batram, a deployable battering-ram type thingy on the front. There was also the Bat-Ray Projector, a four-pronged antenna that rose from the hood and emitted a laserlike cutting beam (though it was sometimes animated more as a jagged "electric" ray). And yes, there was a chain-cutter blade too. The Batmobile's equipment is detailed here:

How about a gas dispenser for disabling anyone trying to break into the car? I suppose this would require a remote starting/unlocking system for Batman.
The '66 Batmobile had a Bat-alarm with a fold-down nameplate falsely identifying it as the starter button, so that any bad guy who climbed into the convertible and tried to activate it would set off horns, sirens, and fireworks shot out of the diagonal tubes on the rear. I suppose '60s Batman basically invented the modern car alarm, though his version was dialed up to 11.
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