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Re: Batman - The 1940s Serials

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Did they have bullet-proof glass in the '40s? Well, it's Batman so I suppose he could have it even if it didn't actually exist yet.
Laminated glass was discovered on accident by a French chemist in 1903.... This gave way to the development of a glass-plastic composite for use in automobiles. Although it was not immediately adopted by the automobile industry it found widespread use in the military as eyepieces for gas masks during World War I.
...By World War II glass laminates were commonly used as a form of bulletproofing. The bulletproof glass of World War II was much heavier that made today.
This design has been in regular use on combat vehicles since World War II; it is typically thick and is usually extremely heavy.
So it would've been available, but would've been unwieldy and added a lot of weight to a '40s Batmobile.
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