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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

So I crack open my digital copy of Smallville #10 and I experience a slight twinge of disappointment.

Now I know you're all asking yourselves: "What could have possibly disappointed you about issue #10? Isn't this the same series that makes men walk on the water that it's also fully capable of converting into wine?"

Well like I said, it's a slight disappointment. Not a deal breaker! The disappointment is this...

Smallville #10 is not the start of the Detective arc featuring Batman and Nightwing.

Nope. Sorry. We're still on the Guardian story arc.

However... that's still a pretty nifty place to be.

#10 is a nice balance of action and characterization. The issue opens up with Superman putting out all the fires from his fight with Sam Lane's gunships. Sam and Supes have a heart to heart that has me convinced that Sam is going to be a major mentor, ally and father figure in Superman's life. The characters have a great chemistry and it's clear that each man clearly desires the others respect.

It's also nice that Sam straight up acknowledges that the U.S. Government is terrified of Superman. It makes sense. He's a man capable of pushing an entire planet out of fucking orbit!

Imagine how he would react to an audit!

Beyond this terrific little scene we get more on the Hank Henshaw situation, which is pretty creepy. Hank's going nuts because he can't feel anything. Both Lex and Terri are trying to manipulate Hank into blaming Superman for everything.

At first Hank sticks up for Superman because, fuck, he was there and knows the situation wasn't as simple as Terri makes it out to be or as devious as Lex likes to pretend.

Unfortunately Hank is pretty traumatized after all he's been through and Supes appearing on the scene doesn't help the situation as much as one would hope.

Still it's clear that Superman is the only being capable of evoking any feelings from Henshaw.


Not a good thing. What's worse...

He thinks he can do Superman's job better than Supes can and he's willing to off Clark just to prove it!

I've got a bad feeling about this! On the other hand I have a good feeling about Smallville #11!

Thanks, Brian! I might not have gotten Batman but what I did get sure did hit the spot!
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