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Re: Another Catwoman???

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It's the girl from f---ing Princess Diaries. You want to waste energy giving her the benefit of the doubt, feel free.
Yes, let's typecast. Shall we?

The movie is starring the kid from f--ing Newsies!
Co-starring the old fart from f--ing Jaws the Revenge!
Also costarring the kid from f--ing Third Rock from the Sun!
And let us not forget the villain is the bad guy from f--ing Star Trek: Nemesis!

Typecasting is fun! See how edgy and cynical I am?

And Michelle Pffeifer was that girl from f--ing Grease 2!

Seriously, Princess Diaries was eleven years ago. Are we really going to start rating actors based on the roles they played as juveniles?
And let's not forget shes also the chick who showed her knockers in Havok

I won't lie though, when I see her I don't think "catwoman". I guess she does sort of have a Julie Newmar sort of look though
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