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Re: Mass Effect 3

Pinnacle Station was really lame, but I'm such a Mass Effect nerd I enjoy having a bit more graphical representation of the Mass Effect world at relative peacetime. When I replayed ME1 again recently, it was nice walking around that... er, OK, like, two-room space station and seeing that pretty space scene on the screen and whatnot. I felt like I was on some Babylon 5-esque star cruiser.

The gameplay itself though... yeah, really not worth the price. And the less said on the "story" the better there. "I'm a bully! A big turian bully! Shepard, you ain't nothing! Hah! Oh, you did well. Uh. Well still, screw you!" The end.

I'd love to know what that turian jackass is thinking post-ME3 if he survived the war. "Uh. Well. Uh. Yeah well. The human got lucky, that's all."

Anyway, my beef with Arrival is its subpar storyline by Mass Effect standards. At least, that's how I feel. Some complain about the level of auto-dialogue in ME3, but for the most part I think it works for the big climax. You still get plenty more input than most games. With Arrival, though, I really felt like Shepard was being much more idiotic than any other noteworthy event in the trilogy.

I mean, I know time was of the essence, but once Shepard learned of the artifact, I really would have expected him/her to take a few more precautions. When Kenson's like, "I assure you, Commander, we gravy, we gravy", Shepard just sorta begrudgingly goes along with that, despite their history with indoctrination.

The whole story from thereon out just feels really, really predictable and goofy to me, but I do like the Shepard/Harbinger confrontation at the end. That's my one and only real complaint about ME3 -- I think they missed a trick by relegating Harbinger to silent endgame party crasher. I like what they did with Cerberus, unlike many... but I think they could have juggled the Reapers and Cerberus a bit better.

Still, making the Reapers more of a "force of nature"-style antagonist during the war is sensible enough, and Shep did have that one (albeit somewhat brief) conversation with the Rannoch Destroyer.

Normandy Crash Site complaints, Reverend... man, if I didn't know the Mass Effect fandom so well, I'd have a hard time believing it. Well, actually... no I wouldn't. I know fandoms in general. XD

Also, shallow point: Kenson is the second most hideous human in the series. Ethan Jeong from ME1 is the worst offender, for the record.
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