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STO Roleplay: Task Force Phoenix

Stardate 64387: The Federation has mainly recovered after the devastating war with the Dominion.
Many colonies, smaller spacefaring races and unalligned forces which were affected by the war are still in political turmoil and in a difficult rebuilding process in many regions of space of the Alpha and Beta Quadrant.

The destruction of Romulus results in many political differences throughout the quadrant to heaten up, raids by pirates, scarce resources and overpopulated colonies by refugees.

The Federation council approves of a special joined task force to counter the criminality, act as a peacekeeping armada and carry on Starfleet's primary mandate for exploration and diplomacy.

In honor of a similar endevour in the early 21st century on Earth it is designated "Task Force Phoenix".

It's mandate:

Establish a peacekeeping presence of Starfleet and allied civilization's space navies in Sector 746649.

Patrol the neighboring systems.

(Re-)establish diplomatic relations with colonies and alien worlds.

Build a new permanent Starbase as a hub for fleet support, humanitarian help and commerce.

Task Force Phoenix will primarily be Starfleet Ships and crews, but every race of the quadrant receives an invitation to participate and can send in their forces as well.
This can include Federation member worlds like Vulcans, Caitians, Andorians and non aligned worlds (Ferengi, Cardassian and even Dominion) as well as traders and diplomats.

Appointed as contact and commander of the Task Force is Andorian Fleet Captain Thyris.
Applications to join are to be sent to him.

As a first objective he issues the plan to establish task force council to determine administrative work and distribution of resources as well as plans for military operations.

That council may consist of rotating members of Starfleet and other allegiances.


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