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Re: Plagues of Night and Raise the Dawn conclusion of the first TP a

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It should be noted that Destiny did have a kind of multi-novel lead-in both in Titan's first four novels and in TNG's "Borg trilogy".
The TNG novels, yeah, kinda, although I'm pretty certain they weren't planned that way. Destiny was developed after the first three post-NEM TNG novels were already underway -- which is why I was hired to do Greater Than the Sum as a bridge between the two, to tie up the loose ends from the previous TNG books and reset the board, as it were, for Destiny.

But there's no way the TTN novels could be considered a lead-in to DES except in the most generic possible sense that they happened before it and involved some of the same characters. Aside from the first two, they were meant to be standalone, episodic adventures without any significant ties to other ongoing continuity. And there's a pretty enormous time jump, a full eight months, between Sword of Damocles and Destiny.
Point made and taken, Christopher

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Having read all but one of the Typhon Pact novels, I have to say that I don't particularly think you can consider the Typhon Pact narrative as it has played itself out thus far to be an 'arc'; given that each of the novels which have been released under the Typhon Pact banner thus far has been focused on or skewed towards a particular, specific series (DS9 for RBoE, ZSG, PoN, and RtD; TNG for PoD and TSW; and Titan for StF) and either furthered existing storylines or established brand-new ones for the specific series around which they are focused, the Pact comes off less as a single, connected story arc and more of a 'campaign setting' (to use an RPG term) for the ST universe and Trek Lit as a whole.
I've specifically mentioned that StF is a TTN novel with TP branding, andisn't included in the "arc", as it were.

As for the other novels, I've mentioned that this arc contains several threads, mostly DS9-related, but also TNG - all coming to a head in the recent duology.

It's not a single story (The Story of the Pact), but rather (IMO) the first arc (again, with several threads contained within) in the post-Destiny Trek Universe - The rise of the Pact / Romulan machinations and the Battle for Slipstream.
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