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Re: General Music Thread

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when it comes to the big topics like classical music
Seriously though, does anyone actually REALLY like classic music?
Yep, although it's pretty daunting to get into. Fortunately there's a range which is pretty much a 'greatest hits' collection for each composer. So far I think Dvorak is my favourite.
It's not easy to know where to start with classical music. I suppose it could be as easy as choosing a composer or a period of classical music you like, look around that body of work, and take off from there.

There are classical music compilation albums out there as well, showing some of the very best classical music and operatic works, for those looking to start from scratch - a family friend of ours borrowed our copy of "The Best Classical Music in the World... EVER!" in order to start his interest, for example.

Some even got into it from listening to other sources, like the "Hooked On Classics" series (although personally I find that series rather cheesy, and never really liked it ). The soundtrack to Sid Meier's Civilization IV features a lot of Western classical music, which progresses as you go through the various eras of the game, from early plainchant through to works from composers like Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, and eventually John Adams.

I took musical instrument lessons at school, so I was introduced to Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and Chopin from my teachers while learning the piano and violin. Interestingly, my classical music interests began roughly with the Baroque and early Classical eras, and, as I grew up, it later evolved into loving the classical music of the early to mid 20th Century.

The early classical music, especially works by JS Bach, appeal to me on an intellectual basis, while later works by the likes of Elgar, Dvorak, Shostakovich and Rachmaninov appeal to my emotional core. Beethoven will always be my favourite, though.

The Proms concerts showcase all sorts of classical music including non-European and non-Western works, and from all eras, although there seems to be a particular focus on classical and orchestral music of the last 100 years or so, including brand new compositions. These concerts might be a good starting-off point for getting into contemporary classical music.
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