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Re: Jessica Nigri: Babe of the week #29 (July 2012)

Wow. A blonde girl known for nothing but wearing revealing cosplay costumes. I wouldn't "say no", but, common Aragon these threads get enough flack at it is for being sexist and some have tried to defend it saying it's more than judging a woman's looks. Here we have a woman known only for wearing sexy costumes and then you provide a bunch of pictures in most of which shes wearing revealing outfits only designed to titillate. One of those pictures being a thin piece of fabric away from being a proctology exam.

There's nothing here to defend. This just blatant, classless, pure "judge this hot girl!" I can't rate her based on her body of work (she has none), or on how she can be perceived in the media as literally what you see is what you get so what else is there?

How much I want to masturbate to these pictures?

Sorry, I don't do that and if I did it wouldn't be to this.

Thumbs Down simply because I've nothing to work with here beyond looks which she's shoving right into my face in fetish gear.
Out of hope.
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