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Huh, I forgot about that. Well, in that case I wouldn't even have mentioned it. It's like saying "oh, Normandy Crash Site didn't have a memorable boss battle." Well, it was free!

...and it was kinda cool, anyway.
Would you believe I actually heard that complaint about the crash site DLC? I forget where I read the comment, but I saw someone saying they were disappointed that there wasn't any combat, like he expected to have to fight off waves of pirates amidst the wreckage. I think he missed the point.

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Firewalker and Arrival weren't all that spectacular, though, but I wouldn't trade my experiences with them each file to get my money back or anything.
Arrival was kind of awesome. It was interesting trying to stealth your way through the prison and beating the 5 waves of troops was probably the single craziest challenge in all of ME's 3 games (at least on Hardcore, my personal setting). Killing what's-her-face with the renegade interrupt was deeply satisfying, as was blowing up the relay.

Not as good as LotSB (I'm not sure any DLC is as good as that ep), or Overlord (easily the most shocking moment in the series, possibly aside from the things you can do to Mordin and Wrex in ME3), but a solid segue piece.

IMO: Shadow Broker > Overlord > Arrival > Kasumi

Looking forward to Leviathan and Omega DLC's. Should be solid installments.
Agreed. I just hope they don't revert back to the standards of the ME1 DLC...I mean, did anyone actually buy Pinnacle Station? I'm shocked that they're still charging money for it.

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