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Re: Plagues of Night and Raise the Dawn conclusion of the first TP a

Having read all but one of the Typhon Pact novels, I have to say that I don't particularly think you can consider the Typhon Pact narrative as it has played itself out thus far to be an 'arc'; given that each of the novels which have been released under the Typhon Pact banner thus far has been focused on or skewed towards a particular, specific series (DS9 for RBoE, ZSG, PoN, and RtD; TNG for PoD and TSW; and Titan for StF) and either furthered existing storylines or established brand-new ones for the specific series around which they are focused, the Pact comes off less as a single, connected story arc and more of a 'campaign setting' (to use an RPG term) for the ST universe and Trek Lit as a whole.
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