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Re: Plagues of Night and Raise the Dawn conclusion of the first TP a

Thanks again, Christopher.

It seems to me that the 1st Typhon Pact arc in question (basically the DS9/Slipstream arc, for lack of a better description) owes its existence (in what it had become in its final, published version) to the modern TrekLit in two ways:

Multi-novel, multi-threaded arcs such as The "original" DS9R, A Time to... and Vanguard - providing readers with both longform and "limited" (as in mini series or series with pre-planned endings) narratives.

Outright crossovers in the form of Destiny, as opposed to past thematic crossovers. It should be noted that Destiny did have a kind of multi-novel lead-in both in Titan's first four novels and in TNG's "Borg trilogy".

It seems to me, that the current climate in TrekLit (at least since 2000-2001) tends to be focused on multi-novel arcs and series, rather than the occasional standalone novel.
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