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Re: The Dark Knight Rises Anticipation Station

Christoper Nolan sells out.

some snippets--

"I was somewhat happy with the first two films—probing the psychological landscape of Gotham from an adult perspective is sort of neat, if you like that kind of thing," Nolan told reporters at a promotional event. "But then I realized, 'Hey, what am I doing? Batman is a superhero. Superheroes are supposed to be fun and for kids.' So this time around, I wanted to make something nice and light and simple, because people aren't looking for a civics lesson with Batman. They just want some pleasant, mindless diversion."

The director also said Rises would be the "most merchandisable" Batman film in years, and he promised a vast array of licensed tie-ins, from infant onesies and light-up children's shoes to an expansion module for the Lego Batman video game and a special Dark Knight Rises edition of Monopoly featuring all the zany locations and characters from the film.
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