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^ I could mention how Philly fans treated me like shit when I was there (and how they boo their own players as well) but I sense that would be redundant...

And like I said, leave the family alone. Despite what Cliff Lee might tell you, even Yankee fans don't do that. Booing Cano himself was one thing - as odd as it was to have Royals fans, of all people, doing the booing, at least it made some kind of sense when it was just Cano himself. But where the hell do they get off messing with his family?
So why does Cliff Lee saying it about Yankees fans allow you to brush it off, but when it's another team doing it to one of your players you're all up in arms?

Yankees fans can be just as dickish as any other team. Just because you're a Yankees fan doesn't mean you're better then that, or are must be held to a higher standard, despite what the team may want you to believe.

And the Papelbon thing didn't even happen during the game. It was all anyone was talking about for a week leading up to it, since Yankee fans were SOOO outraged that he would even suggest it, despite the fact that he was the one that closed out the World Series the year before. As a side note, it does still kill me that the MVP of that game was JD Drew, a Red Sox.

As for the Cano thing, harassing his family is dickish. But when they booed him during the HR derby I had to laugh. KC fans are a proud bunch, and they were a damn good team for many years. Ya they've sucked for years now, but if they see a Yankee, they're sure as hell gonna boo the shit out of him.
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