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Re: General Music Thread

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Don't like the hipster scene, I find bands like LMAO or whatever the fuck they are called to be intrusive. The last fucking thing I want to hear when I'm out shopping is "I'm sexy and I know it" in a repetitive, semi-whispered tone.
LMFAO are about as far from the 'hipster scene' as you get. They fall under a similar category to David Guetta actually (who I stand more because he can make some incredible tracks when he's working with the right singers, when he works with the wrong ones... ugh). LMFAO are rappers with a dance beat. They are close to Hip-Hop but that's different from 'hipsters' who tend to be Pitchfork-loving alternative fans.

As for that test.. ugh.. for bollocks sake:

You listen like
Annoying Facebook Girl
You are a typical tweeny bopper, drama filled, teenager. You’re that girl who gets her heart broken every other day and decides to flood her timeline with popular sad songs.

Based upon your affinity for artists like:
Rihanna, Marina and The Diamonds, Gorillaz, ABBA, Alexis Jordan
Seriously? Ah, whatever. I don't care if you don't like my music taste, test. It seems to come up with this whatever popular solo artist I put in.
I tried putting Nightwish in on its own and it came up with Bella Swan. Marginally better but nowhere near what I wanted.
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