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Re: The Mentalist-Best & Most Underrated of the Police Procedurals

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I like Patrick Jane a great deal, but the police procedural nature of the show didn't hold my interest, so I dropped it after two seasons. I've tuned in for season finales and premieres though, and I wouldn't mind revisiting a few other episodes I've missed.
It has gotten better. Especially with Red John's evolving attitude toward Patrick Jane. Regarding him less and less like a rival and a threat and more like a wayward son.

The thing that has become clear is that Red John would not be much of a threat if it were not for the fact that he seems to have the ability to attract a number of disciples and followers. Including many within the law enforcement community.

Red John (though appearing onscreen only twice) seems to be very much a "Charles Manson for the new millennium" with the big difference being that Red Johns "disciples" rarely actually meet with him. His appeal to them seems based on the idea that they are joining some kind of dangerous and exciting secret club.
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