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Re: General Music Thread

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when it comes to the big topics like classical music
Seriously though, does anyone actually REALLY like classic music? I'm probably equal parts classic fan as I am contemporary fan, asides form the usual timeless composers such as Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Elgar, Beethoven, etc - I'm really into some modern composers like Holst, particularly the interpretations of his compositions like The Planets, which everybody knows. I think my favourite version of the aforementioned suite is the Chicago Symphony Orchestra/James Levine arrangements which are magnificent - Mars, in particular is so powerfully performed that it's hard to listen to the London Symphony Orchestra's original recording after you've heard it.

I'm really into a lot of media composers too, I'm a pretty active gamer and video game music, particularly in the modern era (where monophonic NES style tracks went out the window in favour of "actually this sounds like a movie" style tracks) and in particular, I highly rate the composers of the Final Fantasy franchise of games. Some stuff has been done to death though, the Latin and Gregorian style chanting and Nordic warrior inspired stuff just doesn't work, unless you are Jeremy Soule - in which case you can apply the bored to tears stuff to a game like Skyrim and make it sound fresh and absolutely awe inspiring.

Anyway, enough about classical for now. In terms of contemporary music, I'm pretty eclectic and don't have a particular style of music that I cling to. I'm what you might call a musician, although I'm not a professional and I'm not very active currently, nor am I up for talking about it - I'm just simply going through a phase where I find it incredibly difficult to pick up a guitar, sit at a keyboard or even compose something on the computer without real instruments.

I'm not too into recent stuff, for instance, I find David Guetta to be extremely overrated and self serving. Almost every track of his I've heard (and I've heard a lot considering the amount of airplay the guy gets) sounds so similar that you could probably splice sections of each track together and create a new track that would sound exactly the same as every other track he has ever done, or will ever do! Not to mention that fact that the guy recruits female singers based on the fact that they look hot and nothing much else, sure they can sing but they can't sing and that's another reason why his tracks will always sound the same.

Don't like the hipster scene, I find bands like LMAO or whatever the fuck they are called to be intrusive. The last fucking thing I want to hear when I'm out shopping is "I'm sexy and I know it" in a repetitive, semi-whispered tone.
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