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Re: General Music Thread

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oooh cool idea for a thread! not seen much music stuff on here before
Not much music has been on here, and what has got lost in TV & Media after a while- it is a big forum. Rolled into one big thread however, it might last a while.
I just hope the thread doesn't get *too* crowded - I mean, we might have to branch out when it comes to the big topics like classical music, Elvis Presley, the Beatles, show tunes, N-Dubz...
Yes, let's stay well away from N-Dubz.
We can branch out to more threads if there's enough demand.

My thingy from the lounge, along with what I said:
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I don't have "thisismyjam" so I entered a few artists that I could think of on the spot:
You listen like

Manic Pixie Dream Girl

You’re full of life, youth, spirit and plenty of quirks. With a healthy dash of crazy, you’re the right person to keep everyone on their toes and dancing ‘til they die. You like to spread your fairy dust on the more somber types that gravitate towards your exuberance.
Based upon your affinity for artists like:
Coldplay, Death Cab for Cutie, The Fray, Owl City
Hmm... some of that is right, like the "Manic" and the "Dream" but I'm not so sure about the "Pixie Girl" part.
I also wouldn't describe it as "pixie dust", maybe happiness (I'd like to think), and I'm not a dancer. Not bad otherwise.
"Louder than words, This thing they call soul, Is there with a pulse, Louder than words"
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