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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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Geoff Johns says Batman: Earth One gave him an opportunity to tell a story about a very different Batman.
In Justice League #12 Aquaman will call out the rest of the team about what they're supposed to be doing.
Shazam will make his first real appearance in JL#0 and will join the team later.
"We'll see what the Third Army is and what the ramifications of the guardians decision to route out fee will is and how characters fight against that".
Aquaman #0 will be about how Arthur first discovered Atlantis.
Aquaman #13 will conclude The Others story.
Before Watchmen: Silk Specter #4 will take place in 1964 and follow her as she learns things that teenagers discovered in that time.
Swamp Thing #0 will show how Alec became Swamp thing through Alec Arcane's eyes. There will be lots of twisted stuff in the book as it moves toward Rotworld.
The Blacklist is what American Vampire has been moving to. It will follow Peal and Skinner as they hunt vampires in 1950s Hollywood, and things will go badly.
Lord of Nightmares will introduce Dracula, and show the rise of vampires and how one species became dominant.
Some stuff about Hawkman and Grifter.
Superman #13 will feature a more emotionally grounded Superman, and will explore him being the most powerful person on the planet who is hiding out and pretending to be ordinary.
Flash #0 will explore his origin and include some stuff that shows us a new side of Barry.
The Flash #13 cover may or may not contain spoilers.
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