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Re: General Music Thread

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oooh cool idea for a thread! not seen much music stuff on here before
Not much music has been on here, and what has got lost in TV & Media after a while- it is a big forum. Rolled into one big thread however, it might last a while.
I just hope the thread doesn't get *too* crowded - I mean, we might have to branch out when it comes to the big topics like classical music, Elvis Presley, the Beatles, show tunes, N-Dubz...

Incidentally, I posted this in our Lounge this evening: find out what your music stereotype is...

Mine is:

You listen like

Hipster Mermaid

You were the quirky nerd before it was cool. In fact, you’ve done everything first: from shopping at Goodwill, to digging through vinyl crates at your aunt’s garage sale. But now that everyone’s off the bandwagon, you want to make sure they know you were there first. Not that you really care, because caring is lame unless it’s about the environment.

Based upon your affinity for artists like:
Beach House, Radiohead, The Apples in Stereo, Laura Marling
Hmm... I still don't know whether to laugh or cry at this.
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