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Re: General Music Thread

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On a tangent to what you just said, I found this track a few months ago, that is quite amazing in its pretentiousness, it does spoken verse. The reason I mention it is that it mentions Peter Gabriel in a verse, then emphasises it as 'PETER GABRIEL FROM GENESIS'. It tickles me a bit:
Saint Etienne - Over The Border
Yeah, that band are quite well known in the UK, I never liked them. They are mind bogglingly boring.
They had passed me by completely until this album (despite living in the UK), I didn't know they had that rich a history (they go back to 1991, did not know that). I've only heard this and one other track and this was the only one that grabbed me though, I'm far from being a fan. I suspect from the other song, which seems more like their style, I wouldn't like them THAT much.
I'd only heard one or two songs by Saint Etienne in the mid to late 90s. They had some rather nice tunes back in the day, but nothing particularly stays long in the memory if I'll be honest.

Well, except their Christmas song, which I like:

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