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Re: General Music Thread

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^I love vinyls. I don't have any myself yet (no player) but my Dad has a huge collection. Pink Floyd, Queen, Dire Straights, etc. Brilliant stuff. It sucks that they don't work that well for you. Maybe your ones are damaged or possibly ripped on there from lower quality mp3s, or maybe your record player isn't that great.
There is nothing wrong with the record deck I have hundreds of albums that sound great. They just did a shitty job when mastering these Queen reissues for vinyl. Some of them sound great, but some are quite flat sounding compared to the CDs.

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On a tangent to what you just said, I found this track a few months ago, that is quite amazing in its pretentiousness, it does spoken verse. The reason I mention it is that it mentions Peter Gabriel in a verse, then emphasises it as 'PETER GABRIEL FROM GENESIS'. It tickles me a bit:
Saint Etienne - Over The Border
Yeah, that band are quite well known in the UK, I never liked them. They are mind bogglingly boring.
So it goes.
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