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Re: General Music Thread

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love that DJ Earworm track Zion, I think 2009 may be my favourite musical year and while that doesn't show the highlights, it's an amazing mashup for the year
I love that mashup too. DJ Earworm's "United State of Pop" mashups are the highlight of the mashup year - 2009's mix is probably the most popular one he's made. The mixes are based on the Billboard Hot 100's top 25 bestselling songs of the year - which leads to some interesting omissions, for example the 2010 edition doesn't contain any Justin Bieber.
For which I am quite thankful. I don't hate the kid for the sake of hating him but his music is awful.

I think the 2012 one will be quite interesting. I look forward to seeing how he mashes up Titanium and Somebody That I Used To Know (assuming the former makes it, I'm not sure how big it's been in the US).
Yeah, Justin's a very talented guy, but I'm not rushing out to buy/download the latest JB album just yet. That said, Earworm's 2010 Capital FM mashup did make "Baby" at least bearable. That's one of the things I like about mashups - a good mashup will make your favourite songs even more enjoyable, while a great mashup will improve even the most hated song.

I think it's a variety of factors on my part, but I haven't really been into the latest mashups of late, or at least since much of 2011. I've still to hear last year's Best of Bootie compilation album (something I usually try and listen to each year), although I do follow the latest exploits of a small number of mashup DJs on Facebook and Twitter. USoP 2012 should be interesting.
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