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Re: Another Catwoman???

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It's the girl from f---ing Princess Diaries. You want to waste energy giving her the benefit of the doubt, feel free.
Yes, let's typecast. Shall we?

The movie is starring the kid from f--ing Newsies!
Co-starring the old fart from f--ing Jaws the Revenge!
Also costarring the kid from f--ing Third Rock from the Sun!
And let us not forget the villain is the bad guy from f--ing Star Trek: Nemesis!

Typecasting is fun! See how edgy and cynical I am?

And Michelle Pffeifer was that girl from f--ing Grease 2!

Seriously, Princess Diaries was eleven years ago. Are we really going to start rating actors based on the roles they played as juveniles?
Excuse me, but I have seen her in other roles, but I've yet to see her play anything that wasn't a variation on Mia Thermopolous. so it's not typecasting, it's "She has the acting range of the Shat."
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