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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Batman: Beyond the Night of Owls panel:
Calvin Rose's story will show a lot of background and history of the Court of Owls.
Snyder says Batman #0 will show a very different Bruce Wayne and will show Gotham in a new light.
Snyder has been working on his Joker story for a year and he's excited about getting to explore what makes him dangerous.
"Joker has been sitting back for a year and watching everyone, planning for the moment of his return to make sure Batman remembers who he is."
Batgirl #0 will show Gail Simone’s take on Barbara’s motivations for becoming Batgirl.
Simone is excited to tell a story featuring Catwoman in Batgirl Annual #1.
Simone says Batgirl #13 will be amazing. She is going to start to tell the Knightfall story and feature more sides of Gotham’s upper class.
Batman TDK #0 will “dig into the guts” of Scarecrow and why Batman is obsessed with fear. It will show what influences Bruce and focus on Joe Chill.
Batwomn #0 will “show a deeper side of her views and her father’s past.” It falls in the middle of an arc, so it will be interesting to see how it fits in, “with some interesting twists”.
Lobdell says Jason’s origin in RH&TO will be sad. Lobdell is excited to bring Blackfire into the New52.
Batman Incorporated #0 is about the origin of the team.
Detective Comics #0 explores why Bruce is the way he is and how he approaches intimacy. It’ll be “fast paced, with a taste for adventure”.
Catwoman #0 will “bring together the bits and pieces of her past, and is Nicocenti’s first issue”.
They will be collecting the digital comics, Legends of the Dark Knight, Arkham Unhinged, and Batman Beyond Unlimited, in print.
Following a fan question, Gail Simone says there will be “a big difference between Batgirl and Batwoman in future stories”.
There is some Riddler stuff coming up.
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