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Re: General Music Thread

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As an attempt to start some sort of discussion, does anyone think popular music may be getting a bit more alternative? The likes of Gotye and fun. doing well across the world is quite indicative of that.
Gotye really reminds me of Peter Gabriel, who was quite alternative as pop stars go.
On a tangent to what you just said, I found this track a few months ago, that is quite amazing in its pretentiousness, it does spoken verse. The reason I mention it is that it mentions Peter Gabriel in a verse, then emphasises it as 'PETER GABRIEL FROM GENESIS'. It tickles me a bit:
Saint Etienne - Over The Border

I think this alternative music shift is people going round in circles with what they like, normally taking about a decade, the middle of decades in the past have been full of alternative acts doing well, while the end tends to see a shift back to pop and club acts. There is also the possibility that people are just bored of club tracks, which is also very likely.

Oh yeah, I'm very eclectic with my music tastes, I even like a bit of The Fray on occasion. But pop, indie-pop and rock are my main haunts. (love that DJ Earworm track Zion, I think 2009 may be my favourite musical year and while that doesn't show the highlights, it's an amazing mashup for the year).

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Oh and I'm a shameless pop lover ftr.
Plus there's absolutely nothing wrong with pop at all.
Nah, I like a lot of it, you just haven't heard what Eyes listens to.
Again, I kid, a lot of it is really nice- I just like indie, rock, dance and electronic more.
Thank you! I name the likes of Florrie, Ellie Goulding, Marina and The Diamonds and Florence & The Machine as some of my favourites.

I think this might already be my favourite thread on the BBS for ages.
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