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Re: General Music Thread

Thanks for getting the ball rolling, JayOwl.

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As an attempt to start some sort of discussion, does anyone think popular music may be getting a bit more alternative? The likes of Gotye and fun. doing well across the world is quite indicative of that.

Oh and I'm a shameless pop lover ftr. I love Call Me Maybe so much for what it is. (and a lot of other pop which is far more credible, saving myself here, but most people will never have heard the names).

It's interesting that "alternative pop" acts and music are getting a lot of attention of late. I'm not sure why it is, but I'm all for injecting variety into my playlists, and have taken quite a shine towards newer songs and seeing live performances of new rock and pop acts at the festivals and on TV music shows like BBC's Later... Plus there's absolutely nothing wrong with pop at all.

Personally, the sort of music I like is quite eclectic - from hip hop and chart pop to classical music and Scottish folk and dance, through to soundtracks, classic rock and modern house, plus some other genres in short bursts.

Back in 2001 I started getting into mashup music - fortunate, as at the time the mashup scene as we know it today was just getting started. I appreciate the artistry and creativity involved in getting two or more similar (or preferably otherwise) pieces of music mixed together to create something different, and it has also introduced me to artists I wouldn't normally have discovered or listened to, while appreciating existing artists in a new light.

I guess I'd better start my contribution to the thread by posting a few of my favourite mashups. I've posted several of these before on the TrekBBS in other various music threads in Misc., the lounges, and suchlike. It should give a general, vague feel for the sort of music I like.

My favourite new mashup from 2012.

Another recent favourite.

Oh, and I've also recently signed up to music playlist website where I've discovered some new songs and artists among some older favourites.
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