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Re: General Music Thread

^I love vinyls. I don't have any myself yet (no player) but my Dad has a huge collection. Pink Floyd, Queen, Dire Straights, etc. Brilliant stuff. It sucks that they don't work that well for you. Maybe your ones are damaged or possibly ripped on there from lower quality mp3s, or maybe your record player isn't that great.
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That is a LOT of music tracks to start a thread off with though, I will criticise the Fray (GOD), and if
Don't start that off, you just haven't listened to maybe, have you? I'll admit that I don't know that many that well, but I love "How To Save A Life", "You Found Me", "Syndicate", "Absolute", "Over My Head (Cable Car)" and "The Fighter". Give them a chance, I'm pretty sure even you would like Cable Car.
I'm honest I cba to check which ones are behind the links.
I'll give you them here:

As an attempt to start some sort of discussion, does anyone think popular music may be getting a bit more alternative? The likes of Gotye and fun. doing well across the world is quite indicative of that.

Oh and I'm a shameless pop lover ftr. I love Call Me Maybe so much for what it is. (and a lot of other pop which is far more credible, saving myself here, but most people will never have heard the names).
Call Me Maybe, yes. The strings make it, and the fact that I (we) knew it before it was famous is great. Gotye (knew this one before fame too! ) and Fun are also fairly good, maybe a bit overplayed, but a lot of pop and chart music isn't so much my thing.
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