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Re: General Music Thread

Oh Jay, I hope this does take off. I only check the forum for music threads anymore. Not because I'm not interested in discussing anything else but because they are the easiest to participate in for me (and I am on a music forum before someone tells me to go there). I also don't tend to have similar music tastes to most people from here in my experience.

That is a LOT of music tracks to start a thread off with though, I will criticise the Fray (GOD), and if I'm honest I cba to check which ones are behind the links. Silhouettes I'll give you.

As an attempt to start some sort of discussion, does anyone think popular music may be getting a bit more alternative? The likes of Gotye and fun. doing well across the world is quite indicative of that.

Oh and I'm a shameless pop lover ftr. I love Call Me Maybe so much for what it is. (and a lot of other pop which is far more credible, saving myself here, but most people will never have heard the names).
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