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Re: TP: Raise the Dawn by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

I am not someone who wishes to see 'war trek', but I would love to see more ... diverse takes on combat in Trek, as say Mack has done at points (his stuff on Tezwa and in Destiny, for example). But ship-to-ship remains ... typified or stereotyped? I would like an author like Dan Abnett to write trek fiction, even though his publications are predominantly science fiction war writing. In his two last novels, Salvations' Reach and Know No Fear (both for a British IP James Swallow also writes for - Black Library/Warhammer 40000) he did some of the best ship-to-ship combat I've read (I admit, not a great deal). I can't find a relevant extract from either, from their naval or combat scenes, but this section from early on Salvation's Reach shows some of the ship, and another with lovely description, and here is an extract from Know No Fear.

The war in his novels, increasingly more and more, is a backdrop to not only excellent characterization, but rather artsy redefinitions of the possibility of the IP he works with. Know No Fear was a rather succesful deployment of present tense descriptive/reportive style, Salvation's Reach one of the high points of his longest-running series, for its subverting tropes and civilianising his characters, opening with a chapter of character hopping that is a delight to read and listen to both, and an earlier novel, Prospero Burns is a much about the loss of knowledge, and therefore carries dozen of linguistic and literary allusions to loss, of human, memory, cultural and historical kinds. If there ever was 'war trek', not that I think it totally suitable, I would hope it would be more than plot and phaser porn - I guess I would hope it could be subverted or used as a springboard into more artistic or genre-breaking territory (as has been done with some war trek, like Tezwa, in the past).
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