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Re: Another Catwoman???

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If Anne Hathaway's Catwoman is anywhere near as impressive in her performance as she is in appearance, I'd gladly see her get a spinoff film, as long as it were sufficiently well-done to avoid comparisons to the Halle Berry film. Christopher Nolan may be done with the franchise, but possibly his brother could handle the spinoff?
This is it in a nutshell. In the end it's always about execution. If a new Catwoman film were well done then I'd be all for it.

A fair example? I liked the Raimi Spider-Man films overall even with the disappointment of SM3. Now along comes Mark Webb with his take and while there are quite a few things in his version I don't care for there are also things I did like. I generally liked the acting and characterizations while not caring for how he arranged a lot of the individual elements.

Other people can do good things even if they're different from what came before.
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