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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

If anyone is interested Marvel is doing live bloging for all of their panels. I'm following the House of Ideas one now, but nothing to interested has been said. It's mostly been discussing digital releases, Infinite comics, and social media.
Oh, and if anyone else follows these, and sees a comment from Jd Brodsky, that's me. I already commented on this panel.
The next one is The Next Big Thing, at 4:30pm- 5:30 pm Pacific time.
EDIT: The Next Big Thing Panel:
*The Panel features Sana Amanat, Marjorie Liu, Neal Adams, Daniel Way, Axel Alonso, James Asmus, Jeanine Schaefer, Peter David, Joe Keatinge and CB Cebulski.
*Gambit #1 starts with a shower scene. (Might be a joke....not sure)
*There will be a trip around the world honeymoon annual issue for Northstar and Kyle. There probelms won't go away now that they're married.
*Amanat said he sent a note to take off Hawkeye's shirt after hearing about Gambit's shower scene.
* "This is Ms. Marvel becoming Captain Marvel. She's transitioning into a new role, but she's as bad ass as ever. You see her passion for flight. You see a relationship from the past. She isn't the friendliest person on Earth, but she's good at what she does and she knows it. She's got passion, she's got flair and she's got style." - Sana Amanat
*"It's been an incredible ride. The most fun I've ever had on a series. I've been able to write every kind of story with Deadpool. I think we really go out on a high note." - Daniel Way
*Way has a new project he can't talk about.
*If you like Deadpool, you'll like the new project, Way gets to do what he does best.
*It's not the end for Deadpool.
*New Mutants will end with #50 in Oct., but they will continue to show up in "cool and interesting places"
*In an upcoming X-Factor called Run Layla, Run she will have to get across town in less than 20 minutes during a blackout.
*Peter David will be tying up his lose plot points in a 5 issue arc called Breaking Points. It will be drawn by Leonard Kirk
* "Saying 'things will never be the same' is an overused phrase, but it applies here. The team that comes out of X-Factor #245 will not be the one that goes into X-Factor #241. I'm really excited to see the reactions from you guys." - Peter David
*Red Hulk, will become Red She-Hulk starting with October's #58. It's credited to Jeff Parker, Carlo Pagulayan and Wellinton Alves.
EDIT: Oops not done
*It will have an impact on Hulk during Marvel Now.
*Thanos: Son of Titan by Joe Keatinge and Rich Elson starts in October.
*People are reading Captain Marvel and it's getting a really good reaction.
*If you liked Avengers you need to read the new Thanos series.
*Neal Adams talks about how he proposed a pre-X-Men mutant team lead by an X-Man.
* "Could it be that Wolverine's relationship with the X-Men runs deeper than we've ever known?" - Neal Adams
*: "First X-Men has Wolverine, it has Sabretooth, it has new X-Men and it has good stories." - Neal Adams
*Fan Questions now
*First X-Men will explore the Wolverine Sabertooth relationship. (I don't think this came from a question)
*Kate Bishop will be the only Young Avenger involved with Hawkeye. But there are big plans for the Young Avengers.
*There is something big planned for Nova and Rocket Raccoon (I'm not sure if this is referring to just them or the whole team).
*The X-Factor Breaking Points arc will deal with Polaris past. There is no question about Magneto being her father.
*They're "taking a long hard look at all the non-Earthbound characters.
*"You will see god-like characters in Thanos: Son of Titan. This series is Thanos learning about the universe around him and the genesis of him becoming who he will be. You'll be seeing a lot of characters you love and love to hate." - Sana Amanat "This is Thanos: Year One." - Axel Alonso
*"There's no absence of love for Doctor Strange. A lot of people have come to us with an interest. We want to do it right. We need to figure out what Marvel magic means, what the rules are. It can't just be a deus ex machina." - Axel Alonso
*There are big plans for Nick Fury.
*"The Ultimates are the Avengers on HBO." - Sana Amanat
*In September, we'll find out about a non-Runaways series featuring Runaways characters in major roles.
*Cloak and Dagger will appear in Amazing Spider-Man, and it'll have an impact on Peter.
*The non-Runaways book will feature some Secret Warriors.
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