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Re: RIZZOLI & ISLES tv series and book series disscusions and comment

The cliches are starting to wear thin on me, honestly. I mean, there was no indication that the Rizzoli children went to a Catholic school. Why would assume they had? Oh, wait, it's because they're Italian and Catholic, that's why?

That's silly and wrong on so many different levels.

I was a little offput that Dr. Hope Martin couldn't take one look at her biological daughter and not see the genetic markers there to show that she and Maura would in some way related. Add to that Maura's name is, well, Maura, she lives in Boston, and every major city paper and news channel ran the story about Maura being Paddy's biological daughter, and I'm REALLY offput that Hope herself didn't put 2 and 2 together.

I was so proud of Maura's half sister for figuring it out. I was like, "Thank you! Someone's got their head out of their ass."

That said, I felt the reaction from both Hope and her sick daughter were actually spot on, very real given the very odd set of circumstances involved. That part of the writing was very well done.

Angela is likely dressing up for Korsak. Remember how crestfallen she was when Korsak's ex came looking for cash and support. "I could do yoga..." she says in a very hurt voice. I'm pretty sure Korsangela is going to happen.

Speaking of, do you love Frostie as much as I do. Frost and Frankie as so cute together! I just want them to get married, buy a brownstone, and have cute little gay babies together.
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