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Re: The Dark Knight Rises Anticipation Station

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Inception was original.
No, it wasn't.

On the discussion about Dent... how did Wayne prevent The Joker from telling the truth about Harvey Dent? Being in jail and going through the whole trial process would give him so much media attention, and there would be a lot of people who'd say "He's crazy, but I believe him."
I don't think Joker knew what Dent did after he left the hospital. They part ways there, Dent goes off and kills Wurtz, Maroni and his driver, and apparently some other people though I've never been entirely clear on who (Gordon mentions 2 cops being killed) - but Joker doesn't know any of that. He only knows that he sent Dent off to sow chaos, and, as he has faith that the people on the ferries will fall to barbarism, he has faith Dent will too.

So he goes to jail, trial, whatever, and has heard that Batman killed some people and that Dent is dead (presumably Batman had to take credit for Dent's death as well) - he'd probably smile himself to sleep thinking he'd corrupted Batman. Even if he suspected Dent was truly responsible, he wouldn't know it or have any proof of it. His goal was to screw with Batman anyway - which he succeeded in doing.

As for the Joker talking, that would imply the Batman movies are written as though the characters were real people (somewhere.) The Joker no more talks off screen than he spends two hours manhandling the hostages around the skyscraper or days sneaking explosives into the hospital. Essentially no one can even be pretended to exist when they're off screen. That's how Batman can move off screen on one side of a set of bad guys, then suddenly be on the other side without lumbering around in his Bat armour. He just wasn't anymore, then he was just somewhere else. No traveling involved. This kind of bad writing is unfortunately fairly common.
I can't say that any of Nolan's movies are about real people who exist off-screen. His stories explore idea spaces, with characters acting as probes in and around concepts. As for that being bad writing - it's not necessarily. It's only bad if you have very narrow tastes. For instance most of science fiction is notorious for doing the same thing. Nolan is good at casting, so his actors do most of the character building by lending believable emotion to the story. But if you asked me right now to recall any of the characters from Inception - I wouldn't be able to do it. I could remember the actors and what they did, but I don't remember any character names or anything but the broadest personailty strokes - because that's all that's really there.
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