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Re: The Shran Appreciation Consortium Runs From No One

IMO, he really is the best character depicted on Enterprise. The writers blew it when they decided to make Klingons the first and primary rival antagonists on the show. The Andorians would have offered a much better scenario giving them a chance to make a REAL story arc about a rival race who's at odds with the Vulcans, and trying to end what they see as a military alliance between them and humans. I would love to have seen how long-time enemies go from 100% hostility to eventual allies over time.

Instead, we got:

Klingons again
Future guy
Spongebob Squarepants, the species a.k.a. the Suliban
Dr. Puffer Fish-face
Aliens of the week
Detox gel
TOS movie era-looking Romulan BoPs?..and with cloaks?
Time Travel again


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