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Re: New "Star Wars" comic set between ANH and TESB

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I've been rereading the Marvel Comics set in the post-ANH/pre-ESB era. Just great stuff fully representative of the swashbuckling fun of the first movie. Of course that's all they had when they wrote those books.

I hope this series will have a similar feel to the Marvel series. Probably not since it has six movies and an animated series to draw from not to mention hundreds of comics and novels.
In the CBR interview, Wood says his goal is to create a series in which it's not going to be bogged down by all that.
comic book resources wrote:
"My plan is to pretend that nothing else exists other than 'A New Hope,'" said Wood. "At least in the minds of the characters. The fact the reader knows so much, especially things the characters don't just yet -- such as Luke and Leia being related, Vader as their father, et cetera -- makes for some fun writing. I love 'Empire,' and maybe in the future I'll catch up to that film story-wise, but for right now I'm enjoying this beautiful moment in time, starting literally days after the Battle of Yavin when everything is set up and the future is wide open.

"I have to remember who the characters are at this point in time," he continued. "To not write the Luke and the Han that I know, but write who they were in 1977. To stay in character. That's harder than you might think since so much of who they are as characters developed in those later films."
So a Luke that barely knows how to hold a lightsaber, a Han that's still a bit more of a jerk than a hero, and a Leia that hasn't really fallen for Han yet because of her dedication to the Rebellion comes first and foremost.

Star Wars 101...
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