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Re: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter produced by Tim Burton in the work

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Oh well, only 30 years of slavevery, it's nothing to write about. Especially for those alive at the time.

Do you even read what you write?
Confederate deaths were about 260,000 of which 93,000 were killed in combat, while Union deaths were 360,000 of which 110,000 deaths were in combat. Disease was the major cause of death in the civil war. Out of 620,000 deaths, over 400,000 were from diseases.

Were all those dead worth it, was freeign the slaves earlier (not the real cause of the war) worth the loss of life, I say no it was not.
Or the south could have abolished slavery instead of trying to expand it into the western territories. Also, You still haven't explained how giving blacks the vote weakened the south.
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