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Re: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter produced by Tim Burton in the work

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So explain how removing blacks from the voting roles would strengthen the South, or for that matter, the country?
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I love how you try to paint historical research's results that have been verified through peer-review in a scientific process as "old".

Whereas your point of view is obviously not old and therefore more valid?

Dude, it's not 1863 any more. You can stop.
The combiantion of disqualifying confederate officers from voting and allowing black men to vote effectively weakened the white populations political power int he south...your talking points are not verified history its just the lies that the Union fed to their citizens and other countries to justify their unlawful war.
That doesn't explain how blacks weakened the South by being able to vote.
Isn't it obvious, the blacks were reliant on northern intervention for their safety and freedom, by stopping a number of whites from voting and allowing the blacks to vote, it in effect made the southern states easier to control and occupy.
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