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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Batman #11: The conclusion to the long and prolonged Night of Owls story line. Well...this issue didn't really resolve the issue of Lincoln March and who he really kind of does, but also leaves it open as well. Batman and "Owl-Man" battle above and across Gotham City which results in Batman "winning" but injured. It would appear that the "Tron" New 52 suit does have several electronic features to it as Bruce mentions "suit is out of power" so I guess he has it heavily wired and it has a power source of some kind.

Overall, many of the points that I've made over the course of the eleven issues, I still stand by. Exceptional writing by Scott Snyder, and it would appear that the Court of Owls now (at least for the time being ) is going to remain as a force to deal with, although Bruce has crippled them. Greg Capullo's art work has been a stand out of the series and we're left with all these remaining Talon's all over the place. I'm glad that this is over...and am looking forward to moving on to the Joker.

Batman and Robin #11: This has to be one of the most inconsistent of the Bat Books. It's awesome for a few issues, then it isn't for a couple issues (I understand a little bit why Trekker dropped the book...I'm on the verge of doing so now as well) . I'm not the biggest fan of the art either still. The most interest aspect out of this Terminus story (the second most interesting aspect is that this guy is turning Bruce's own symbol against him) is the Robins battle going on, Damian's ambush of Jason at the start of the issue was awesome.
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