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Re: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter produced by Tim Burton in the work

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There just people, and if a person is a bad person, they should be killed.
I care very little about the American Civil War (just as I wouldn't expect people to care --or know-- very much about Italian Unification, for example), but advocating that people should be killed because they are "a bad person"... well, that's a comment a bad person would make, don't you think?

Beyond that, apology of slavery leaves me rather puzzled.

The water in Greece gave me the worst episode of the runs I ever experienced in my life. Still, I'll endure it again rather than being a slavery apologist.

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And Europe is like a neutered and declawed bear, once majestic, now just laughable.
Actually, we are doing fine. Some troubles here and there, sure, but who never had them? In the end, I vastly prefer our current peaceful incarnation to ther raging colonialist arseholes we were in the past centuries.

Anyway: Slaveholders' Confederation, colonialist Europe... it seems you are quite adulatory of evil governments, aren't you.
You act like a powerful government that actually serves its citizens is a bad thing, ...bad people can't always be "fixed" and its often easier just to get rid of them.
That's why the Confederacy was crushed.
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