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Re: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter produced by Tim Burton in the work

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There just people, and if a person is a bad person, they should be killed.
I care very little about the American Civil War (just as I wouldn't expect people to care --or know-- very much about Italian Unification, for example), but advocating that people should be killed because they are "a bad person"... well, that's a comment a bad person would make, don't you think?

Beyond that, apology of slavery leaves me rather puzzled.

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Our water supply is just fine.

But even if I lived in Greece that wouldn't keep me from taking the piss when it comes to Slavery Apologists.
The water in Greece gave me the worst episode of the runs I ever experienced in my life. Still, I'll endure it again rather than being a slavery apologist.

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And Europe is like a neutered and declawed bear, once majestic, now just laughable.
Actually, we are doing fine. Some troubles here and there, sure, but who never had them? In the end, I vastly prefer our current peaceful incarnation to ther raging colonialist arseholes we were in the past centuries.

Anyway: Slaveholders' Confederation, colonialist Europe... it seems you are quite adulatory of evil governments, aren't you.
You act like a powerful government that actually serves its citizens is a bad thing, i'd choose colonial britain anyday over modern britain. Any why do europeans scream humans rights and so forth as soon as people start discusssing proper punishments, bad people can't always be "fixed" and its often easier just to get rid of them.
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