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Re: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter produced by Tim Burton in the work

Oh, you're out of luck then. I live in a country that's currently going "Crisis? What crisis?".

Low unemployment, exports soaring, 0% interests on government bonds.
Also: Our water supply is just fine.

But even if I lived in Greece that wouldn't keep me from taking the piss when it comes to Slavery Apologists. Because, you know, it's a ridiculous point of view that deserves a lot of ridicule whenever it comes up.
"I modeled Starfleet after the Fremen army in Frank Herbert's 'Dune'. Through cultural imperialism it spreads its values all over the galaxy, much like the holy Fremen warriors spread Paul Muad'dib's message.
Spock is a Mentat, the rational element in this chaotic universe."
- Gene Roddenberry 1974
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